Welcome to SBX Camp!

An 8 day educational experience that will level up your beatboxing like never before! Learning from the best beatboxers and vocal musicians in the world, you will be pushed beyond your limits to become the best beatboxer you can possible be.

The entire camp is student oriented, designed in every way to help your progression as a professional beatboxer and vocal musician. Students will learn from a selection of the best beatboxers in the world. On top of this, students will have many opportunities to battle on stage alongside their peers and idols. Every day there will be jams, battles, and showcases, as well as after-parties at night alongside the dancers from Fair Play Dance Camp.

This year we have prepared a selection of amazing professional teachers who will be there to share their knowledge, expertise, techniques, and experiences, coaching you everyday to reach your personal beatboxing goals. We guarantee that you will level up like never before.

The full teachers list for the 2020 edition will be announced soon, so stay tuned, and make sure you get your tickets before we sell out!

See you all in Krakow, Poland in August 2020!