Swissbeatbox is the world’s largest beatbox platform and provides beatboxing video clips from artists from all over the world. We film artists with our own equipment or we send out requests to beatboxers to hand in material from themselves. We film at beatboxing events (conventions, jams, competitions etc.) and we also film dedicated promotional videos from solo beatboxers or beatbox teams. Our clips can be seen on our YouTube channel titled – “Swissbeatbox” – and of course over our social networks; Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, & Twitter. You can watch our video clips through our website or the YouTube channel on which there is a huge variety of playlists that we host.

Filming is one activity we try to follow. But only filming artists, is not our main objective. Swissbeatbox stands for quality of beatboxing. Our slogan means ‘WE LOVE BEATBOX’ and we want to continue to push beatboxing forward, hold it as a trend and make an active scene bigger and more transparent. By working inside the scene for a couple of years, we managed to connect with others who were pushing the scene forward and have managed to connect with them. After understanding how the community works we also see ourselves as trendsetters. We put together the ground works for the community e.g. The beatbox game from Döme. We now have the platform to showcase incredible material from high level artists such as; Reeps One, Slizzer, Babeli, Ball-Zee, Two.H etc… which in turn opens them more up to the community/scene – this platform is a great way of new talents getting known in the community. is about supporting artists. We are continually scouting talents for the beatbox community through our camera lenses. The “Swiss” at stands for the high quality. Now the question is what exactly is quality? It stands for high quality beatboxing which takes the art-form to another level. It means innovation, which requires investment of time and money within the new areas the art-form is taking. It can be everything, new ideas, productivity, creativity, new techniques; new ways to work together in a team, new styles in live looping etc. The aim is to motivate everyone who watches our video clips to beatbox themselves, but especially as an already established artist, to come to us and give the beatboxing scene life with new material and also as an individual to reach their desired platform within this art-form. Through those accomplishments we also give the featured artists a reason for continuing and thus showing them, that they are evolving the human vocal chords – they are literally redesigning what we know about the limitations of the human vocals. We are not just documenting, we are leading this vocal revolution, through the art of beatboxing.

We also organize events by ourselves, we have already organized two beatbox conventions in Switzerland and we are now organizing a competition in Basel at the Bscene festival, which is named ‘The Grand Beatbox Battle”. We also run a website where we promote other events or important information about beatboxers or beatbox communities, other events, artists, videos, playlists etc. In the future we will provide the beatbox scene with all information from the whole span of the globe. Video content and information will be published daily on our website and through that also on our social networks. Follow us on our social network links to be updated with news about artists and what they are currently doing in the scene. Maintaining the beatboxing community is vital to the sustainability of our art-form.

Meet the Team:

Chezame – Youtube Handling

Julianna - Event Manage

Kilaa – Founder, Design & Development

Madox – Video Production

Pepouni – Community Development & Organisation

Sinjo – Sound Engineering

Trung Bao – Visual & Motion Designer